Saturday, January 9, 2010

अ परोमिसे ऑफ़ वहत इस तो कामे

Why does Javascript always have some sort of update to run? So, my brand new laptop is defective... =`( I has to call the company if the store we bought it from won't exchange it- they have a 15 day policy, and it has apparantly been 17 days since it was purchased.

So that English video. Definately THE BEST! We all rock. Who needs the acceptance of HHS when I've got friends like you guys? I hope we get assigned abother project like that. We should make it even crazier- and memorize our lines next time. I'm gonna download the vid. off youtube so I can keep a copy. GREAT JOB EVERYONE!

Anywho... Gettin' ready to LIVE WITH DEIRDRE!!! Today's post is dedicated to her. It's titled (for those who need translation) "A Promise of What Is to Come."